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I went to Moonroom after work last night with a few friends. It’s one of the few places in Ottawa that has an upscale yet cozy and intimate feel.


I ordered a half litre of the Malbec … I really love red wine. My friends and I shared the bacon wrapped olives (an absolute must try), the spiced almonds, a few el diablo eggs, and a prosciutto pear lolly.


I was more than pleasantly surprised at all the paleo friendly snacks available. I will definitely be back!  In fact, this will probably become a regular hangout spot.

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  1. Hey! I just googled “ottawa paleo” with the hopes of meeting some other paleo peeps eventually, and the first hit was your blog here – loving it! A lot of the spots you’ve written about are places I really want to check out AND there are places I haven’t heard of yet. First on the list: Moonroom. Have you been to “Play?” They have fantastic prosciutto.


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